The Eurasian otter has been listed on Appendix I since 1977. People used to believe this fruit is very useful for fertility and vitality. Zuriat, botanically classified as Hyphaene thebaica, is the edible fruit that grows on a slender palm that can reach up to fifteen meters in height and belongs to the Arecaceae family. Buah zuriat atau doum palm atau doum fruit memiliki nama latin Hyphaene thebaica. For instance, the content of d-mannose in half-mature Chinese jujube is only 0.71% (Zhao and others 2004). Doum palm (Hyphaene thebaica) is a native plant in Arabian Gulf and North Africa region. Buah ini punya rasa seperti manis seperti roti jahe. senegalenszs, Leptadenia pyrotechnica and Hyphaene thebaica (Mohammed, 1996). Of some interest is the mention by Theophrastus of the rose and gillyflower being cultivated in Egypt: ‘… while all other flowers and sweet herbs are scentless, the myrtles are marvellously fragrant. A comparative assessment of phenotypic and molecular diversity in Doum (Hyphaene thebaica L.) Authors. in the Republic of Benin (West Africa), Agroforestry Systems, 10.1007/s10457-016-9920-4, 90, 4, (591-605), (2016). The multiseeded imported Pomegranate was a symbol of fertility. to improve soil fertility. The results obtained revealed that around the tufts of Hyphaene thebaica, millet has a very dense root and well developed whereas outside Hyphaene thebaica, millet has fine roots, less denses and developed laterally. In Egypt, pollens were believed to enhance fertility and to be an aphrodisiac. Not identified : Swallow-wort/Auricula tree. Phœnix dactylifera (2) is a wonderful example of fertility, affording the chief supply of food to the people of Northern Africa and Arabia. The Chad Basin, also known as the Lake Chad Basin, is a large lowland area in north-central Africa.In all directions from the center of this area the elevation changes are gentle. The area is abandoned fields of previous cultivation of rain fed crops, but now the refugees, herders and their livestock continuously roam it; all heavily cut and devastate the vegetation for various purposes. Tanaman ini adalah sejenis pohon palem yang umum ditemukan di negara-negara Arab dan di bagian utara Afrika. Through herd magic (fudngo), fertility can be acquired from the trees of the south. 60.0% as fodder and medical remedies, while 11.4% believe that NWFPs are important for soil conservation and fertility improvement. FOREST GENETIC RESOURCES CONSERVATION IN SUDAN 51. by E.I. Effect of Doum Fruit (Hyphaene Thebaica) Extract on Some Biochemical Parameters, Enzyme Activities and Histopathological Changes of Pancreas in Alloxan Induced Diabetic Rats. The soils in the area are classified as brown and reddish brown soils of the arid and semi-arid regions (d'Hoore, 1964), or tropical ferruginous soils Jones and Wild, 1975) which are considered equivalent to Ferric Luvisols (Landon 1991). Doum (Hyphaene thebaica) is one of the commonly consumed traditional beverages in Egypt and is rich in polyphenolic compounds. DOI: 10.4236/fns.2020.113016 163 Downloads 308 Views . In Malay or Indonesia, it is called Buah Dzurriyat or Zurriyat or Adam and Hawa (Adam and Eve). Increasing Doum palm powder increased the mixture specific gravity, weight per gallon and freezing point but decreased pH value. Pub. It is a nitrogen fixing species, providing improvements to soil fertility. Various factors, such as temperature, solvent extracting power, extraction time, and extraction method, significantly affect the composition of the extract (Ksouri et al., 2009). Microstructure of the samples surface was observed using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The genus also occurs in Malesia, Japan and South-east Asia, with outliers in Polynesia, Madagascar and East Africa. Growing Carob Trees . ripening stages, species, weather conditions, and soil fertility. Plants are commonly understorey shrubs in forest, woodland or savanna habitats. The trunk of this small palm is dichotomous. Hyphaene thebaica Mart. Doum-palm, Hyphaene thebaica (L.) Mart. It has grown by as much as 18 percent during the past century, and climate change is partly responsible. Trees can be used as a source of fodder and provide crops with some shelter. This is the best of eating doum fruit is a prank that will make you smile always & Please If You Enjoyed My Video Subscribe To My YouTube Channel StarMaluks, Your Subscription Is … Prior to the 1950s, these fish-devouring mammals were abundant in England. There are also several putative medicinal uses of the plant, and singers formerly chewed the pod husks in the belief that this clears the throat and voice. The sap of the stem is obtained by cutting off the crown, as in other Palms, and is highly esteemed as a beverage. International Journal of Biological and Chemical Sciences 9(5). The Sahara — the world’s biggest desert — is getting even bigger. Total fiber was highly concentrated in the epicarp accounting for more than 40%. Buah ini juga dikenal akrab sebagai pohon palem Afrika. Is this fraud or real? Buah zuriat adalah sumber karbohidrat dan serat yang baik. Actually, this is not a homogeneous zone, as there are also the main types of graminaceous pastures and dry termite forests with a tree layer of Khaya sp., Tamarindus indica, and Anogeissus and a shrub layer of Combretum spp., Cacia sp., and Bascia sp. Relevant governmental institutions are … Date: March 19, 2020 The wood can be used as fuel as there is a high demand for fuelwood in the area to replace cow dung, that can then be used as a fertilizer, leading to better yields. O. Zuriat or Doum palm or Doum fruit has the Latin name Hyphaene thebaica. ? Mean annual rainfall was 360 millimetres between 1992 and 1995. The most important plants used in traditional Sudanese medicine. Warrag 52, E. A. Elsheiksh 53 and A. Doum palm (Hyphaene thebaica) is a native plant in Arabian Gulf and North Africa region. Grows well on low rainfall marginal land and is used for land amelioration. In Malay or Indonesia, it is called Buah Dzurriyat or Zurriyat or Adam and Hawa (Adam and Eve). Otters for sale. They would have more than enough space, water etc. Fees issued on NWFPs include Zakat, Local Council, Forests National Corporation and Crops Market Services. Results on carbohydrate content revealed that the flesh, pitted fruit and epicarp samples contained 72.50%, 65.61% and 44.17% respectively. Hyphaene thebaica (gellewol) Table 4: Classification of trees . The region also is a habitat to a variety of animal species such as elephants, baboons, velvet monkeys, gazelles, antelopes and different kinds of birds and reptiles. About 59% of respondents sell their products at the forest gate, village markets and weekly markets. Habitat aslinya berada di sekitar hulu sungai Nil, Mesir. Dan Lamso N, Guero Y, Tankari Dan-Badjo A, Lahmar R, Bationo BA, Djamen P, Tidjani AD, Ado Maman N, & Karimou AJM (2016) Effet des touffes de Hyphaene thebaica (Mart) sur la production du mil dans la région de Maradi (Niger). It is well known for its fruit that is called Doum or Dom fruit (دوم). In this study, the physicochemical, nutritional and functional properties of epicarp, flesh and pitted samples of doum fruit (Hyphaene thebaica) were assessed. Buah zuriat atau biasa disebut sebagai buah doum punya nama latin Hyphaene thebaica. Balanites aegyptiaca, Adansonia digitata and Hyphaene thebaica; some shrubs, herbs and grasses (WSDC, 1985). Buah doum memiliki bentuk bulat seukuran 6 x 5 cm, berwarna kuning hingga coklat. Latin Name: Local name: Folkloric Uses: Reference: 1: … It is well known for its fruit that is called Doum or Dom fruit (دوم). The doum palm (Hyphaene thebaica) is a type palm tree which has a wood texture and has edible oval fruits and the origin native to upper Egypt. A very few allow an exotic, like an African, with a permit. Doum fruit is a good source of carbohydrates and fiber. Also known by many local names including the Doum palm fruit and Gingerbread fruit, Zuriat fruits thrive in generally hot and dry climates, growing along waterways and waterholes. If you keep a pet otter, be very careful when you have visitors. Several constituents have been identified and isolated from the genus including lipids, phenolic acids, flavonoids, procyanidins, saponins, triterpenes, sterols and et al., 2015). 153 - Duration: 10:38. Adansonia digitata, Hyphaene thebaica, Borassus aethiopum, Khaya senegalensis, Pterocarpus erinaceus, and Vitellaria paradoxa. Not signalized: Shell: Niger: Antioxidant activity: Not identified : Asclepiadaceae Calotropis procera (Aiton) W.T.Aiton: African milk weed Sodom apple/Giant milkweed/ Latex: Ethiopia: Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities. Selected examples of isolated compounds from these plants are compiled in Electronic Supplementary Material. The kernels of Hyphaene thebaica from North Africa have been found to be a suitable alter-native to those of Phytelephns macrocarpa in Central American as a Hyphaene thebaica (L.) Doum: Arecaceae: Tree: Against splenomegaly, alimentary (Palmae) system disorders and bacterial eye infections18 Acacia senegal. Naglaa Abd Fattah Abd el Halim Hassan. People used to believe this fruit is very useful for fertility and vitality. Selain itu, tentunya terdapat juga kandungan vitamin dan mineral di dalamnya seperti vitamin B kompleks, kalium, natrium, kalsium, magnesium, … Sudan: Used to control dermal fungal infections and for pain relief. Native to the Arabian Peninsula and also to the northern half of Africa where it is widely distributed … The effect of adding Doum palm (Hyphaene thebaica) powder (0, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% as fat replacement) was examined in respect of physicochemical, rheological and sensory properties of low and fat free frozen yoghurt. The ethno-linguistic composition of the region has been diverse and complex. Hyphaene thebaica Type of palm tree with edible oval fruit. baobab adansonia digitata(), doum palm hyphaene thebaica() and tamarind (tamarindus indica) tree, among others. Rodrigue Idohou, Achille Ephrem Assogbadjo, Fortuné Azihou, Romain Glèlè Kakaï, Aristide Adomou, Influence of the landscape context on stand structure and spatial patterns of the doum palm (Hyphaene thebaica Mart.) Conservation of forest genetic resources in Sudan at national level is complex due to the size of the country, species diversity, large variation in climatic conditions and institutional awareness of needs and priorities. doum fruit for fertility, khasiat buah zuriat, manfaat buah zuriat, Category Howto & Style; ... (Hyphaene thebaica) - Weird Fruit Explorer Ep. Table II. About 30 species, chiefly Australian (about 20 species) and Chinese (about 10 species). Epicarp, flesh and pitted samples of doum fruit (Hyphaene thebaica) were analyzed for proximate, fatty acid and amino acid (essential and non-essential) composition. A. Elfeel 54. In addition, of course there are also vitamins and minerals in it such as vitamin B complex, potassium, sodium, calcium, manganese, and phosphorus. INTRODUCTION. A single spathe contains 12,000 stamen flowers, and the cluster of fertile flowers produces a prodigious quantity of fruit. Investigate rapid multiplication strategy for the most promising/culturally important agroforestry trees and produce them at high scale (half being fruit producing and half being woody species) Based on the preliminary literature search and personal … At El Guiéza, it is Hyphaene thebaica that has the best potential of regeneration on the Hako, Guiéza and Jigawa with respectively a SIR of 55.22%, 50.00% and 81.16%. A. Khalil; R. A. Ibrahim; M. Youssef; Content type: Original Article; Published: 14 October 2019; Pages: 275 - 284; The testis-specific expressed gene Spata34 is not required for fertility in mice Authors. At Daré and AraSofoua, less than 10 ligneous species on the Hako, Rerey and Laka soils were counted. This plant is a type of palm tree that is commonly found in Arab countries and in northern Africa.
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