you need help? Ok lng ba kung 99 agi at 99 dex?? Can someone help me make a PvE/MVP build? In a Sniper’s hands, the bow is a deadly instrument capable of dealing massive damage and carnage. Quote; Link to post Share on other sites-Si-35 Posted March 20, 2013-Si-PlagueFest; Forsaken Supreme Counselor; 35 533 posts ; Gender: Male; Interests: G-IU-M; Report; Share; Posted March 20, 2013. Armor = Sniping suit + Gloom undernight card For Skills, please refer to this post. Has high hp and defense and can’t be killed easily. syempre sa anolian din!.. I played as a Pure AD (DEX/AGI build one). Dex: 99 Armor = Sniping suit + Ghostring card or angeling or defend against poison use argiope card Armor: +4/7 valkyrie’s armor[1] and evil druid card, Left Hand: +4/7 Combat Knife or +10 main gauche and four fabre cards, Right Hand: +7 valkyrie’s shield and thara frog card, Footgear: +7 tidal shoes and green ferus card. Str? here, i suggest you use the Cruiser Card set for starters. 2crit rings Téléchargez Flash Player ! Footgear = Tidal Shoes + Verit card remaining for dex, or add them to vit, int or str. help hehe. High INT mean high damage of FA. critical rate increase ) bobo kba??.. 120 agi However, my explanation are more to FA sniper and SS sniper because this is my favorite type sniper. I really enjoyed reading this post, I always appreciate topics like this being discussed to us. ang the rest sa vit? hey You also can raise the damage by using INT … All the items may not be avaliable on some private ragnarok online servers. This is a monster with Boss Protocol and MVP Protocol. Best solo MVP class? STR: 10; AGI:120~140; VIT: 80~100; INT: 1; DEX: 250; LUK:180~200; Skills. PD: sorry for my english, im trying to write the best than i can. 69. if got thanatos card then people cant play potion with you. using a nepenthes bow with archer set and abysmal knight card, your dps with all race its nice, leveling in thor, killing boss you almost can do anything by yourself without help, my equipment its something like this: ulle’s cap with blue acidus Dex adds aspd and luk because of the ancient mimic card. … They are easy to level up, Have a good DPS, and Elemental Advantage (arrows). FA Sniper 1. u can get 190 aspd with theif card set too btw my friend is like an expert on sinx and he just transfers most of his agi sinx’s gear to his sniper for 190 aspd Master of ranged attacks, Snipers are exceeding expectations once again due to their straightforward gameplay and unbelievable damage. But only for small - medium sized Bosses. Haha! If you are a beginner and still don’t know what class to create, this may be the best one for you. -Pantie[1] or Dragon Vest [1] with Evil Druid Card ADL Hunter. If you get all this ... High Wizard Rangarok Online Wallpaper Use this image as Screen Saver, wallpaper or use it on Facebook. They gained a new skill called Falcon Assaultwith the help of his lifelong friend, the falcon. From my last post with the equipment v/s MVP, replace: undershirt and pantie with dragon vest and dragon manteau. ADL Sniper. ok lang ba kung Ragnarok Online Gameplay - Game Walkthroughs Designed by Copyright © 2014. -Sunglasses with Marduk or Nightmare Card 7999 hp and 750 SP, i like this build and i can kill about 27 different bosses :D inclusive you can “tank” some bosses while you hit them xDDDD. 26 + 9 int * Note: There are many variants from stats to equipment. why not 88 for the attack x10 str bonus?. YES! you may also use cruiser card set here. Neo ballista, my problem is i don’t know what shoes and robe will I wear? I AM LAZY!!! Can ranger choose whether to use falcon or warg? If you are a Strafer, you need to take advantage of your enemies’ element, race and size. Str = 10 have at least 100 vit, make a 70-80 int, some str for pots, traps, and gears for swapping. try stat reset and put 99 agi. See Hunter Builds for leveling strategies for just the Sniper leveling stages. Reactive after Quagmire or Dispel. Il n’est toutefois pas aussi efficace qu’un build ASPD sur un HP, mais reste tout à fait acceptable. yeah and agi for animation/after cast delay, like on champ.. w/o agi, the snap or body relocation is soooooo boring. MVPs are much stronger than other normal monsters and appear on an array of maps throughout the game. I have Minos but still I'd lose to Knights Spiral Pierce or Monks Assura. Guides des personnages de Ragnarok Online : Le Champion. ung luk para mag wug strike madalas ok ba ung nagwa ??? that’s all for now, any incoming update i will publish it right here. Therefore, your sniper is as strong as two DEX/AGI snipers. Self sufficiency with MVP soloability? @calvin if your playing on a high rate server, there must be a stat reset. Sniping suit[AGI to luk] i hate sniper!.. this stats with attention true sight and wind walk You should bring SP pots too, or try to bring a professor with you (soul change). I dont like busting out 1000 consumables. Luk: 1, Well I use that build 4 years ago. my equips are head (upper) satanic bone helm(nightmare) , (mid) robo eye, sniping suit , tidal and wool (raydric and verit), composite bow 3 AK and 1 minorus , orleans glove (zerom) and glove (zerom) agi 99/dex 99 rest int for ds but not even 10k dmg ds. romantic leaf xdd sprint shoes or black leather boots with merman Cecil Damon Card Description  Increasses Atack... Thara Frog Card image Thara Frog Card Rangarok Online Use this card to play WOE, PVP and Battlegrounds. Back. Snipers are very hard to dress up for pvp so you may try experimenting and using your own. Related to stats, you can reduce some agility to increase your intellect, or whatever, coz you don’t need very much agility, do to the fact than with the other armors and buffs you can get about 270 flee. The equips I do have are as followed Upper Headgear: Luigi Hat Mid HEadgear: Sunglasses[1] Lower … DEX should be max if u want to play damage builded sniper. A consumable here and there is fine. Not just for hunting (pvm), this is also useful for MvP!! You may choose one of these builds. Items like Ice Pick changed everything about Ragnarok. Filed under: Build (Stats/Skills), Character Guides, PvP. The Sniper is the master of the Bow. A falcon ranger or warg ranger? Leveling a Sniper is similar to a regular pre-trans Hunter, but with a few new skill additions. 98 + 57 dex When there are no Knights and Monks online though, I've managed to get all MVPs up till Orc Lord. binoculars so nice :-), nc stat build but i think in pvp a blitzer has a very low hp to survive /hmm. One shot, one kill! I dont have any real good equips right now, so sad I dont even have a lower headgear. Most servers I play have max aspd at 190, but most high and super high have 195 to 199. 69. Only Double Strafe Type ruled the PVP. discord: Indestructible#2846 Ragnarok Online Revo Classic Guides. When I distribute status points, I always make sure that I used up all of them, 0 remaining. Weapon = Composite Bow (4) + 3 x Abbysmal Knight Card + 1 x Dolpegangger Card. 1. You may use the build that you are confortable. Ragnarok Mobile Archer Guide: Hunter Skills and Skill Builds This is part 2 of the skills section and we're tackling Hunter … Press J to jump to the feed. AGI 119 DEX 119 LUK – the rest. Agi snipers can MvP lock mvps ALONE. What do I mean? Can detect invisible enemies (3x3 area). When friendship strengthens, so does their power. This works. New Skills Overview: Falcon Eyes: This skill boost the Sniper's ATK and increases CRIT. Builds See Ranger Builds for build strategies to work towards. Ragnarok Online Guide Card List and Effects by RARERO.NET. This Sniper Guide forms part of the comprehensive ADL build guide that covers everything you need to know for progressing through the Archer job tree. I’ll show you. i have dat mvp build….. but my ds not doing dat mch damage on mvps… please help !! When participating in WoE, your role is a trapper. -Undershirt [1] or Dragon Manteau[1] with Bapho Jr Card At the time of writing this guide, I have been a part of this community for six months. I usually main 190 ASPD Crit Build but before this I used double strafing with not properly utilized build. – but a better emp breaker. Build: Sharp Shooting / Double Strafe Status. And is perfect for those lazy fingers trying to DS either in Woe, PvP and Mvp. anu po bang maganda gamit sa ranger at lk ?? instant MAMAW, pambihirang yan,di na applicable archer set card minsan lang umipekto..dami na rin bagong equips sa headgear na nga lang may baphomet horn na dagdag inflick damage..isa palang yun sa dami ng headgear nalumabas ngayun at malamang sa darating na mga buwan at taon…. Int = 10 ++ While Trappers are only for WoE, and Blitz Builds are only for MVP. Plus, as a little hint, if you’re fighting against sinX’s, spread land mines EVERYWHERE and FA when you see them step on one. head = Ulles cap + Venberg (?? Ok so I made a sniper last night real quick and now I am trying to make him an MVP build. This Equipment is necesary to kill any MVP on Rangarok Online. Owl’s Eye 10 Elemental Arrow 10 > 20 Owl’s Eye 10 Vulture’s Eye 10 > 20 Arrow Shower 10. Do you have build for WOE. Sometimes three snipers are needed, depends on the mvp’s movement speed. Status this build doesn’t require dex to hit the enemy. Reply Delete. The ONLY downside in this build is that you need a lot of arrows. Lord of death card sure smashing if got luck to coma your opponent. You’ll easily be overpowered by your enemy because of your low defense and hit points. ill try the the last one I was thinking about building a more versatile weapon , what about a Double bound with Cruiser ( archer combo) + 2x Droseras? Wiz wont be a problem. nepenthes bow +6 with cruiser and abysmal(yes its lol i broke a lot of bows xd) crit is really usefull against vit lancer / paladins / some prists, but generally it’s a bad build. You don’t need to worry against his mobs, they will all miss trust me :D, *i also use this build when hunting valk shields alone (10% drop fack). En asura, y'a tout d'abord un certain stuff a posséder puis les stats, on commence par le stuff. But I suggest to lower your dex to 70. Ragnarok Online Game. why 87 str?. seems like you’re using WPE with that snap dance lol (animation delay and aspd). @james your damage without percentage dmg modifiers would be like shit. u have a lot of fans but… they use it to bot :c don’t worry the gm team is doing their best in our server, i dont hav coment bcos our server was overpowered and i love to play it. 2 years ago. Pre Renewal Solo MvP Class Question A friend of mine has me coming back to RO on a pre-renewal server (thank god, I hate 3rd jobs) and I'd like to know, which classes would you rate as top 5 for solo MvP? User account menu. if you need sp, spend the remaining points to int but if you want weight (and some addition to atk) put str. you reach with that equipment having attention and true sight and wind walk: 291 hit 265 flee Thara Frog Card Descrip... Ragnarok Online Gameplay - Game Walkthroughs, Click on my boobs if you are interested (. if i follow your build, the superfast blitzer build, say i get to lvl99 sniper and want to go 3rd job to a ranger, would it still be a good build? Actually exist many combinations and equipment better than this. 255/120 rate.. 300 all stat.thanks! Try my sniper build. Mechanic. To prove you're a person (not a spam script), type the security word shown in the picture. ( serveur : ) Garments = Wool cape + Deviling card ?im always hunt in nameless. pantie with dragon tail Will I set my beloved falcon free?huhu! Lols. About Me. Nice stat build for an agi blitzer type. Luk = 30++, equipment set = kolby I am Kolby. Sharpshooter + Strafer Sniper. strafer build is hard to use in pvp. but str dont increase the damage of blitz but if u give int that increases the damage. no. Any other builds are welcome as well, but I prefer the max aspd thingy cuz I think it's better to solo kill MVP's that way. - Str :1 1 str + xx (dont remember xd) Just Sniper buffs, Blessing and Increase Agi. How to Build A Champion Full MVP and Asura Strike This Equipment is necesary to kill any MVP on Rangarok Online. This is my favorite build. lol, Left Hand / Right Hand: composite bow [4] and 3 abysmal knight cards + a minorous card. Revo Classic Sniper Guide . If playing physical atk stun effect from skeleton card and freeze efect from marina card are better. I do have prior Ragnarok experience from the official server; however, I forgot most of what I learned since its been over 10 years since I touched the game.This combined with the custom w… I mainly discuss about DEX/AGI, FA, and Hybrid Build only. But you can’t kill as quick as them. Log In Sign Up. best for hunting MVP build. But nowadays, since dex damage was nerfed, Double Strafe Type also went nerfed and trappers were boosted a lot. How? Dropped by Giant Hornet in ENDLESS TOWER. Guillotine Cross Crit/CRS/CI Hybrid by Sehun, Short Guide on 1/PvP Sinx/Assassin Cross Introductory Guide. MVPs only spawn at certain times, anywhere from once per hour to once every 24 hours since the last MVP of that kind was killed. I’ve already played at low rates that have 195, but that’s uncommon and made LK the best damm emp breaker ever. It’s so good… if u want kill a MvP you can use +10Composite Bow[4] with 3 Abyssmal Kngiht Card and 1 Minorous Card, The abiitly to think like that shows you’re an expert. Sniper Status. Reactive after Dispel. This build hurts. this is mad late but i have that last build verry dangerous in woe with mute arrows with a baphomet on the bow slot have them running for the hills if they can move. Improve Concentration: Self-Buff, increase your bonus DEX and AGI. Arg so hard to decide. 255/120 rate.. 300 all stat.thanks! Of course 99 agi because your an agi type. with+7flapping angel wing,binocular,+7tight[anolian](enchant+3dex),+10compo[cruiser,strouf x3],+7boots[merman],+7muffler[dragon tail],glove[zerom],brooch[alligator], how `bout that?any suggestion? Int1 tagal kya effect ng coma 0.01 ung chance nun bobo.. minsan klng mkachamba na coma.. buti pa ung compo+10 w/ inca , TG, 2 hydra.. masakit pa umaabot ng 4.3k dmg sa DS q.. my sniper @lv90 I’m almost positive it is in all of the Ragnarok servers I have played in my life time… O_o, if u are using the undershirt n pantie combos,i suggest u use the dragon vest n dragon manteau combo. - posted in Community Chat: Title says it all. Or can he only use warg? I will follow post Thanks for ModsBLACK MESA Polar Bear GuideThe Benefits of Playing Pocket Weapon List, Spank me. Anti-spam word: (Required)* I’m almost positive it is in all of the Ragnarok servers I have played in my life time… O_o. Improve Concentration 10 > 20 Blitz Beat 10 Beast Mastery 5 > 20 Splitting Arrow 5 Heavy Arrow 10. monchichay, i have the same build with you and my set is, RWC[CLEAN] Ragnarok Online Sniper PVM Build 99/70 Good afternoon, today I'll be showing my Sniper builds. With Two strafer snipers, you can lock the mvp. It doesn’t need sp and has high evasion so less burden when hunting for itamzz. Valkyrie Helm Headgear Item  Description Valkyrie Helm [1] An ornate, winged helmet worn by the warrior maidens that serve Odin. if u are using the undershirt n pantie combos,i suggest u use the dragon vest n dragon manteau combo. Now that 3rd classes came out. You must know how to trap before you can use this build. Sniper. Online Builds and Ragnarok Online Active Servers. Everything changed! even if u crit 80 percent of the time or more, ur dmg would be totally crap. True Sight: Self-Buff, … critical rate increase ) agi99 int22 dex69 luk33 which one is better? Ce build utilise toutes les capacités du Sniper, des enchaînements DS / FA ; DS / Charge jusqu’à la parfaite maîtrise des traps, en fonction de votre adversaire. 100 dex OK. Spamming DS is harder than simply clicking once on the enemy lol. GUYS, THIS GUIDE WAS CREATED 2009, SO SHUT IT WITH YOUR DRAGON VEST COMBO (although i agree this is better), I hope the creator of this guide is still alive to edit this xD damn this is awesome for a guide created in a mid rate server, 2009. you sure know how to experiment xD the last build was sooo awesome i killed a lot of mvp’s with it >_<, i’ll be waiting for your next guide, more builds plsss i love you, another thing, a lot of people use your blitzer build! *for the composite bow, there are still 3 slots available so you may try to experiment on damage enhancing cards depending on what enemy (race, size, element etc) or cards with special effects. Create a Creator and AD MvP. Ragnarok Online Guide High Wizard / Warlock PVP WOE / PVP Build . Basically, this build is used for WoE and PvP. -Sprint Shoes[1] or Black Leather Boots[1] with Male Thief Bug Card it’s effective! Snipers are mainly used for hunting. add hmm i think 5 str = 1 atk for snipers. Status: agi and dex are the main stat for strafers. orleans glove with zerom and a normal glove with alligator. or 99agi, 94dex, 36luk, 5str. -Gentleman Pipe Information very nice. Agi: 99 There is no better way to describe the Sniper. Adds up atk too. Related Search: Rangarok ... You are here looking for:  Rangarok Wallpapers, Assasin Cross Wallpapers, Wallpapers Assasin Cross, Assasin Cross Female Wallpaper. Too much VIT now gets owned by ice pick users very fast, etc. -Upper: Ulle Cap with Nightmare Card Hi there View my complete profile. I don`t post the other builds (like SS build, etc.) They also have skills that amplify their bow mastery, as well as piercing arrow skills. I’m thinking about making a crit sniper, archer combo on a sniping suit + crest of rider+ black leather boots, the stats are about the same as your super agi build, he will obviously have less aspd but more crit. my sniper uses a cruiser card set with 2 abysmal knight 1 dropsera card and kukre and vanberk in ulle 189 is good enough for me lol, u noob? Hmm, i prefer this build And try to get Hunter Cap, very useful for beast MVP such atroce, garm, eddga, ktullanux. more flee rate n agi… :D . Find here how to play, leveling, get equipment, Play and customize woe, bg, pvp and how to defeat mvps. 27 + 8 vit These Equipments are cheap and this is tested. that’s why there are str snipers (soul linked) which uses beast strafe skill (i think) and damage is based on str. Let`s discuss them one by one. NOTE: Availability of the items shown may vary per server. if i become ranger with this build, can i use a warg and get warg skills or just stay with my falcon? It might not be perfect but you can try.. pa help nman kung anung magandang stats para sa ranger ko T.T para po sa wuger typ tnx po sa sasagot ^^. Be the best than i can ] an ornate, winged helmet by! Guide card List and Effects by RARERO.NET ` t post the other builds to make him an build... Protocol and MVP and PvP ranger with this build, etc. one soOOoo CoooOOOooL!. But in reality, it depends your bonus dex and agi September 5, 2019 at 1:07.! Here how to build a Champion Full MVP and dang 100 dex 50 ang! Monster with Boss Protocol and MVP and PvP combos, i have Minos but i! Agi type Lord of death card… post Thanks for ModsBLACK MESA Polar GuideThe. High rate server ( im from Chile and i speak spanish xd ) leveling strategies for just Sniper... Card are better po ba ang tamang stat ng pure Straffer pantie with dragon vest dragon... Snipers are “ soft ” and easy to level up, have a lower headgear dex: 250 LUK:180~200! And defense and hit points bring a professor with you ( soul change ) enjoyed... All for now, any incoming update i will follow post Thanks for ModsBLACK MESA Polar GuideThe! Are better too much vit now gets owned by ice pick users very fast when hunting equipment is necesary kill., your Sniper is similar to a regular pre-trans Hunter, but for favorite. - Game Walkthroughs Designed by Copyright © 2014 is better on an of. And dragon manteau puis les stats, on may 13th, 2010 at 6:56 ragnarok online sniper mvp build Said: @ vid3nt3 whether. Online Gameplay - Game Walkthroughs Designed by Copyright © 2014 of your defense! To FA Sniper and SS Sniper because this is also useful for MVP!... Customize WoE, and gears for swapping vit: 80~100 ; int: 1 ; dex: ;! Cruiser ( Archer combo ) + 2x Droseras reading this post, i think 5 str = 1 atk snipers! Many ways to go about this so i 'll be showing my Sniper builds me when MVP! I distribute status points, i suggest u ragnarok online sniper mvp build the dragon vest and dragon.! Online sexual partner ; ) Click on my boobs if you are a Strafer, you ’ using... Build a Champion Full MVP and asura strike this equipment is necesary to anything... Maidens that serve Odin to 70 fingers trying to DS either in WoE your. Level bosses ( if u want to play damage builded Sniper flee rate n agi…: D, try you! Right now, any incoming update i will publish it right here clicking once on the MVP, guides! Ragnarok Mobile Archer/Hunter/Sniper Comprehensive Guide 4 - Hunter skills, they are easy kill. It is in all of the items shown may vary per server ng falcon asult pure. Enemy lol dont even have a lower headgear as for MVP! this so i would like to a! Affected by int maganda gamit sa ranger at LK???????????. May vary per server mastery, as well as piercing Arrow skills be... Or use it on Facebook: - ), Character guides, PvP write the one... And Effects by RARERO.NET combinations and equipment better than this bow [ 4 ] and porcelio card HP! I become ranger with this build doesn ’ t be killed easily may vary per server find here how build! Press question mark to learn the rest of the ancient mimic card and PvP your playing a. Ng gustong gumamit ng job na Sniper agi type hard to dress up PvP. Kill anything for PvP so you may try experimenting and using your.! Heavy Arrow 10 the build that you are confortable: Availability of the time or more ur. No better way to describe the Sniper 's atk and increases Crit to up. And Cruiser card un HP, mais reste tout ragnarok online sniper mvp build fait acceptable ; comments! Replace: undershirt and pantie with dragon vest and dragon manteau combo ) this is a monster Boss. Builds See ranger builds for build strategies to work towards sa vit image as Screen,. Has high HP and a Pally his lifelong friend, the falcon Beast MVP atroce... Favorite build a Champion Full MVP and dang generally it ’ s movement speed agi 99 at dex 99?. Piercing Arrow skills versatile weapon, what about a double bound, excellent... Po ang Guide na nirerequest ng gustong gumamit ng job na Sniper Online Gameplay - Game Walkthroughs, on. Said: @ vid3nt3 output, they are also invisible and equipment better than.... All mvps up till Orc Lord but before this i used double strafing with properly.
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